June 8, 2023

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The wave of artificial intelligence (AI) is sweeping across creative landscapes, causing a transformative shift in our lives and workplaces. From songwriting to video creation, web design to personalized playlists, it is the catalyst that’s fast-forwarding us into a future that was once confined to the realms of sci-fi. And it’s not just a prediction—it’s already happening. Even Google, a global tech leader, is seriously investing in AI to revolutionize its services, further underscoring the profound significance and inevitability of this AI-dominated era. To give you a sense of just how integral AI is to their vision, Google mentioned ‘AI’ over 140 times in their 2-hour Google I/O Keynote. Yes, you read that right—Google is all in on AI, and they want the world to know it.

AI in Songwriting: The ChatGPT Story

Think AI can’t be creative? It’s time to reframe our perceptions. Ariel Tsai, a YouTuber from Taiwan, is leading the way in proving just how erroneous this notion can be. Using ChatGPT, a conversational model developed by OpenAI, Ariel didn’t just engage in a typical human-machine interaction. She embarked on a creative journey, venturing into the realm of songwriting.

Her collaboration with ChatGPT wasn’t merely an experiment; it was a spectacular hit, challenging the traditional boundaries of creativity. The AI-written song didn’t just match the creativity of human compositions. It captivated listeners around the world, bagging 9,000 likes on the Instagram Post.

Spotify’s AI DJ: A Revolution in Music Streaming

Spotify is revolutionizing the music streaming landscape by leveraging artificial intelligence. The introduction of their AI DJ feature showcases an innovative approach to personalized content. By curating playlists based on user listening habits and preferences, Spotify ensures a uniquely tailored experience. In addition, the AI DJ provides engaging commentary between songs, adding a layer of depth to the user’s musical journey. This commentary, modeled after Spotify’s Xavier “X” Jernigan, further enhances the user experience. By tapping into the potential, Spotify is leading the charge in delivering a more immersive, personalized, and intelligent music streaming service.

Video Creation on a Budget: AI to the Rescue

Ariel Tsai’s music video production exemplifies a radical shift in creativity. Leveraging D-ID and Kaiber, she crafted an engaging music video for a mere $15, dramatically lower than traditional big-budget productions. This stark budget contrast doesn’t compromise quality; instead, it showcases AI’s democratizing effect on creative fields. Video production, once reserved for deep pockets, is now accessible to all. Tsai’s experience underscores a controversial yet inspiring trend: high-quality creative work is no longer solely dictated by financial prowess but is increasingly empowered by innovative technology.


Adobe’s Strategy: Staying Competitive in the Creative Arena

Observing the unfolding landscape, Adobe, a prominent figure in creative software, has strategically embraced AI to stay at the vanguard of the industry. Recognizing the game-changing power, Adobe has infused it into renowned tools like Lightroom, delivering smart edits and color correction with a previously unseen simplicity. This fusion has notably elevated Adobe’s competitive stance while concurrently expanding the frontiers of creative exploration.

Central to Adobe’s AI-powered renaissance is Adobe Sensei, their brainchild of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. This robust tool is systematically reinventing numerous features across Adobe’s suite. It empowers users to create, refine, and distribute digital experiences more proficiently.

Specific examples of Adobe Sensei’s prowess can be found in Adobe Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill and Adobe Firefly. The former seamlessly fill gaps or erase unwanted objects from an image, providing realistically integrated content. On the other hand, Adobe Firefly leverages generative AI models to push creative boundaries, generating an infinite array of digital art from mere words or sketches.

From ChatGPT to Your Portfolio

Generative AI has begun an era of significant revolution in our work dynamics. From songwriting and video creation, to the very composition of this article, AI is being leveraged to enhance creativity and output. As such, it is critical that we don’t just acquaint ourselves with these advancements, but actively integrate them into our daily routines and tasks.

The AI revolution indeed carries profound implications for our investment strategies. Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Baidu are all too aware of this transformative potential, investing heavily in AI to ensure they stay ahead in the game. By observing these leaders, we can align our investments with companies that are riding the AI wave. Thereby, avoiding the pitfall of backing entities that risk becoming the Nokias or Blackberries of tomorrow.

AI | From ChatGPT to Portfolio

By embracing AI and accelerating our learning curve, we position ourselves not only to keep pace with this change, but to actively benefit from it. At GoodWhale, we’re firm believers in the importance of financial literacy for all. We strive to break down the complexities of financial concepts, making them accessible, enjoyable, and easy to grasp.

So, let’s shift our focus from merely ChatGPT to the broader picture of AI. Let’s move beyond worry to welcome this new era of AI revolution, which promises to chart an exciting course into the future. Visit GoodWhale.com, download our app, and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to ride this thrilling wave.

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