There are three Subscription/Price Plans:

Free Plan: This plan is ideal for beginners or individuals who are just starting to explore the world of stocks and investments. With access to stock news and basic data, users can stay informed about the latest happenings in the stock market. The plan also allows users to analyze up to 10 companies per month, which means they can start learning about company performance and the factors that influence stock prices. The watchlist feature allows users to track specific companies and monitor their stock performance over time.

Smart Plan ($9.90/month): This plan is designed for individuals who are more actively involved in stock trading or investing. In addition to the features offered in the Free plan, the Smart plan offers access to 10 years of data, enabling users to analyze longer-term trends and patterns. The plan also increases the number of company analyses per month to 50, providing more opportunities for in-depth research and evaluation. The Smart plan also includes 3 stock screeners, tools that allow users to filter stocks based on specific criteria, and 3 portfolios, allowing users to manage and track their investments more effectively.

Pro Plan ($29.90/month): The Pro plan is aimed at professional investors or individuals who have substantial experience in stock trading or investing. It offers all the features of the Smart plan but allows for up to 500 company analyses per month, catering to users who need to conduct extensive research across a wide range of companies. The Pro plan also includes 10 stock screeners, offering users more flexibility in filtering and selecting stocks, and 10 portfolios, enabling comprehensive management and tracking of multiple investment portfolios.

In terms of proprietary analysis, the free plan offers basic features, which likely include fundamental analytics useful for beginners. The Smart plan steps up to advanced features, which could include more complex analytics or predictive tools. The Pro plan offers the full suite of proprietary analytics, likely providing the most detailed and comprehensive insights into company performance and stock market trends.