Following are some of GoodWhale’s Best Features:

Analysis: This is a comprehensive set of tools to help users assess the value and risk associated with different stocks and companies. This includes:
Risk Rating: This tool assesses the potential risk associated with different stocks and companies. It looks at factors like governance issues and accounting treatments, which can be indicative of potential problems or risks. The assessments are vigorously supported by backtesting, a method where strategies and algorithms are tested on historical data.

Star Chart: This provides a comprehensive view of a company’s performance across various key factors, including profitability, financial health, growth, assets, and dividends. This can help users understand how a company has performed historically and assess its potential for future growth.

Valuation Line: This tool uses algorithms to calculate the intrinsic value of a company. The intrinsic value is an estimate of the actual value of a company, independent of its current market price. The tool also calculates the Margin-of-Safety, which is a principle of investing that involves only buying securities when their market price is significantly below their calculated intrinsic value.

Screener: This tool allows users to quickly search for and identify companies that match their investment preferences. This might involve screening companies based on factors like their industry, size, profitability, growth potential, and more.

Portfolio: This tool allows users to keep track of their investment positions. This includes monitoring the performance of these positions over time, which can help users make informed decisions about when to buy or sell.

Watchlist: This feature allows users to keep an eye on potential companies to invest in. Users can organize these companies into one space, and the watchlist provides a consolidated view for easy monitoring. Notifications can be set up to alert users when there are significant developments or opportunities related to these companies.