October 9, 2023

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Ever wondered if your job is at risk of being taken over by our robot overlords? Turns out, you’re not alone. According to recent surveys, a quarter of us are wondering the same thing. There’s even a website called “Will Robots Take My Job?” where you can punch in your job title and get the odds. Neat, right?

💡 Did you know:
In a recent report, CNBC shares that “AI is a threat to few, but a concern to many.” A quarter of workers (24%) are worried artificial intelligence (AI) will soon make their job obsolete, but most (74%) say they are not worried. A majority (64%) of workers say they don’t use AI at all in their job, while 26% say AI can currently help them do their job but that it isn’t necessary and a slim 8% say using AI is necessary to do their job.


But hold on a second! Let’s dig into the facts. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been shaking up the job market for a while now. It’s not just about assembly lines anymore. Salespeople are using AI to up their game, bloggers are teaming up with algorithms, and even customer support reps are getting a boost. Sounds like a tech revolution, doesn’t it? 🚀

But fret not! According to experts, AI is here to complement, not replace, our skills. After all, machines can’t replace that unique human touch and perspective.

🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ SO WHAT? Will Robots Take My Job?

Alright, now let’s cut to the chase. Which jobs are in the AI danger zone? Based on data from The Future of Employment study and “Will Robots Take My Job?”, here’s the hit list:

1. Telemarketers 📞💔

Future of Employment Study Likelihood: 99%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood: 

If you’re in this gig, watch out. The odds are stacked against you.

Rationale: The telemarketing sector faces a high likelihood of automation, with a projected decline of 18.2% in career opportunities by 2031. This is attributed to the repetitive and predictable nature of tasks in this field, making them susceptible to automation. Nevertheless, the distinctive social perceptiveness and emotional awareness demonstrated by proficient human telemarketers remain irreplaceable by machines.

2. Bookkeeping Clerks 📊💼

Future of Employment Study Likelihood99%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood100%

Numbers folks, it’s time to keep an eye on your spreadsheets.

Rationale: Anticipated automation is poised to lead to a 4.5% decline in bookkeeping clerk positions by 2031. Automation software such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Microsoft Office has already significantly streamlined bookkeeping processes, reinforcing the high probability of job displacement in this domain.

3. Compensation and Benefits Managers 💰🕰️

Future of Employment Study Likelihood99%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood41%

Automation might be clocking in.

Rationale: With the expansion of companies, especially in global markets, the reliance on human-centric and paper-based systems can pose logistical challenges, time constraints, and increased expenses. Automated benefits systems, exemplified by platforms like Ultipro and Workday, are increasingly adopted for their efficiency in administering benefits to large employee populations.

4. Receptionists 🗓️🏢

Future of Employment Study Likelihood96%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood93%

Pam from “The Office” was onto something. Automation’s got its eyes on this role.

Rationale: The advent of automated phone and scheduling systems, particularly prominent in modern tech firms and multinational corporations without traditional office-wide phone systems, is projected to impact the role of receptionists. Nevertheless, the personalized relationships fostered by receptionists within the office environment provide a distinctive edge in offering tailored support compared to algorithmic systems.

5. Couriers 🚁📦

Future of Employment Study Likelihood94%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood95%

Drones and robots are knocking at the door.

Rationale: The growing prominence of drones and robots in courier and delivery services foretells an inevitable shift towards full-scale automation within this sector.

6. Proofreaders 📝👓

Future of Employment Study Likelihood84%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood100%

Grammar-checking software is in. Editors, beware!

Rationale: The ubiquity of proofreading software, ranging from Microsoft Word’s basic spelling and grammar check to specialized tools like Grammarly and Hemingway App, underscores the high likelihood of automation in this profession. Conversely, a proofreader’s establishment of client relationships equips them with a unique understanding of an author’s intent and the contextual knowledge essential for successful project completion.

7. Computer Support Specialists 💻⚡

Future of Employment Study Likelihood65%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood52%

Bots might be stealing your thunder.

Rationale: Despite a projected decline of 6.2% by 2031, the abundance of online instructional content, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting hacks suggests an increasing reliance on bots and automation for addressing support inquiries from both employees and customers.

8. Market Research Analysts 📊🧠

Future of Employment Study Likelihood61%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood40-61%

Research tools are getting smarter. Are you?

Rationale: While market research analysts play a pivotal role in shaping messaging, content, and products, the emergence of automated AI and surveys is streamlining the process. While automated research tools excel in scalability, speed, and accuracy, human researchers possess hands-on expertise and personal insights that algorithms cannot replicate. Integrating automation tools into the research process can enhance overall effectiveness.

9. Advertising Salespeople 📱💻

Future of Employment Study Likelihood54%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood52%

The landscape’s changing, and it’s looking more digital.

Rationale: The evolution of advertising towards web and social media platforms diminishes the need for intermediary sales roles. The accessibility of self-serve ad marketplaces and APIs on social media platforms expedites ad placement, reducing the reliance on salespeople. Additionally, the utilization of AI voices in advertisements is an emerging trend, further indicating a shift towards automation.

10. Retail Salespeople 🛒💻

Future of Employment Study Likelihood92%
Will Robots Take My Job? Likelihood66%

Self-checkout and online shopping are giving traditional sales a run for their money.

Rationale: The democratization of shopping experiences through self-checkout features, coupled with the increasingly internet-savvy nature of modern consumers, is reshaping the retail landscape. Nonetheless, the personalized assistance and emotional connection provided by retail salespeople during one-on-one interactions remain highly valued by a significant portion of consumers.


Now, let’s talk turkey. How does this AI takeover affect our wallets? Will Robots Take My Job?

Well, if your job’s on the list, it’s a heads-up to start exploring new skills and industries. Upskilling and staying ahead of the curve could be your ticket to job security. 🚀

For the rest of us, it’s a reminder that the job market is evolving. Investing in tech-savvy skills and keeping an eye on emerging industries could be a game-changer. Plus, let’s not forget, investing in companies leading the AI charge could be a savvy move for our portfolios. 💼💰

Remember, the future is what we make of it. Let’s make it bright! 🌟


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